Lost with bike

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How it all started?

Most of us have some hobbies that grow into passions. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet and it is yet to come. Ours? It’s travelling on a motorbike and camping with it in rural areas. Why? We believe that it is the best way to travel.

Our first motorcycle trip and how it went

One evening in the spring of 2018 Edzus wrote me a message asking if I want to drive from London to Italy with him on his bike as a pillion. Few messages back and forward and in June of 2018 we started our first motorcycle trip.


And how it went? Well… Did we realise how uncomfortable it could be to drive Aprilia Pegasso for more than 2000 km? No, not at all. But that’s where the story about all of this journey and never-ending improvements starts.

If you think you are not ready to go on a motorcycle trip, you are wrong

There will never be the perfect time to travel. You will always feel that you need to train more, change your motorcycle to something better or find that perfect gear. At the end of the day, every one of us has our own preferences and suggestions from others might not work the way you want them to. Don’t overthink, just take your bike and go for a 2000 km ride and find out for yourself.


Back in 2018, when we went on our first trip, we didn’t have much money, so we planned to sleep outside as much as we could. And, yes, we didn’t even have a tent! We spent some nights sleeping just in our sleeping bags. One evening we choose what we thought was a forest just to discover in the morning that we sleep next to a local running trail.

Welcome to our moto corner

So this is an introduction about us and how this all started.  I am writing this now after our third motorcycle trip together and while we are editing our second film. 


We will dedicate this website to our trips, films, and videos to create some information that would have been helpful before we went on our adventures.


Live is to be enjoyed. So take every opportunity, create your own challenges and just go for it! See you on the road!